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“If You Think You’ve Got What It Takes To Work In A (Successful) Private Physiotherapy Clinic And Be A BIG Player In A BIG Team, We Need To Hear From YOU Today!”

If this is sounding like you & what you are looking for read on…

Form Physio and Rehab is a physical therapy clinic in Bangkok that is experiencing rapid growth and are looking for another A Player to join our team. We’ve grown from a one person therapist to a team of 5 physical therapists and from a small clinic space to a big house with a pool. The best part is, this is just the beginning! Our goal is to be the largest physiotherapy clinic outside of a hospital in Thailand.

Our mission is to help active adults in Bangkok make better decisions about their health. We are here to help them stay active and mobile in order to do the things they love without painkillers, injections, and surgeries.

Just one glance at our google reviews and you can see that we provide an exceptionally high level of care and great experience to all of our clients, which makes them rave and tell their friends. 

We only provide 1 on 1 treatment sessions for an entire hour, utilizing the latest physical therapy advancements, combined with a world class client experience.

As such, we are in need of a world class physical therapist  who can provide an unparalleled experience that makes clients look forward to their next visit and tell all their friends about this great place. 

We believe wholeheartedly in education and provide an immense amount of training, teaching, and coaching. You’ll work with a diverse team; every person shares the same passion for health, wellness, and personal development as you do. 

Demand for this role has been high and we invite you to apply if you feel confident and able to achieve the tasks and responsibilities listed below: 

To achieve the level of success we are looking for, you will be required to:

1. Connections – We create relationships with our clients that are much stronger than a normal doctor/patient relationship. Our clients are people first and clients second, which means that we place heavy emphasis on getting to know them on a personal level, rather than just on a surface level.

2. Empathy – People in painful states often feel discouraged and feel doubt, especially if they’ve been let down by other healthcare providers. Your job is to relate and show our clients you understand their situation and how they feel so they feel confident in us as their trusted providers.

3. Emotional Intelligence – The ability to anticipate unstated needs and understand clients emotional states will help you to prevent drop-offs before they happen and work proactively to communicate care with all members of staff.

4. Results – You will be responsible for providing an incredible client experience & get clients the outcome they deserve so they can get back to doing the things they love. To be successful in this role we expect that your clinical/evaluation skills, communication skills, ability to retain clients, ability to get incredible outcomes and ability to handle money objections will allow you to achieve these targets. Training and coaching will be provided on this.

5. Expectations – The ability to properly manage each client’s progress and coordinate their progress and needs with the appropriate member of staff.

6. Experience – We are much more than a physical therapy clinic. A huge part of what we do is creating relationships with clients, helping them know, like, and trust us so they feel welcome and safe during their experience and ultimately become repeat clients for years to come. Your job is to provide all clients with a great experience so they stay on schedule and look forward to working with you.

7. Help Make Better Health Decisions – Our mission is to help people make better health decisions so they can ultimately get back to an active and fulfilling life. One of the ways we do this is to offer free discovery visits to each new prospective client. You will be responsible for meeting with prospective clients during their discovery visits to help them understand how we can help them.

Furthermore, we need a candidate who is a licensed Physical Therapist in Bangkok, Thailand. We prefer, but don’t require orthopedic experience and we do encourage new grads to apply!

Everyone who works at our clinic is expected to adhere to our core values:

The successful candidate will work for the owner of the business to ensure that these core values are present in the day to day running of the business – and ultimate, responsible for the successful growth of the business!

What You Will Get In Return…

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