Medical Massage in Bangkok

“Discover How To Finally Reduce Unwanted Stiffness, Release Tension in Tight Muscles, or Increase Flexibility Without Any Nasty Side-Effects.”

Look No Further!

Here at Form Physio and Rehab, we offer Medical Massages that are all performed by our qualified physical therapists in Bangkok. These are the same physiotherapists who are helping people get rid of their pain and get back to doing the things they love!

Our Medical Massage sessions are designed to combine the benefits of Physical Therapy and Massages to provide you an experience that is both relaxing and safe. In order to provide that level of safety, all clients are required to do a full body physical therapy assessment (free). Doing so will allow us to develop a deep understanding of your body profile so that we can focus as well as avoid specific muscle areas in order for you to have a relaxing and safe medical massage session that is beneficial and will not cause any unnecessary issues after.

Want To Know If Medical Massage Is Right For You?

Who Should Get Medical Massages?

Medical Massage Sessions Will:

And it will do all of this in a way that is safe and customised just for you by a physical therapist.

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