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We understand that some people want to find out a bit more about the cost and availability before they book a physiotherapy appointment. If you want to know what it costs – and what availability we have at our physical therapy clinic, then please just click the button below and complete the short form.

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We realise some people be “unsure” if Physiotherapy is right for them. It could be that you’re not sure it’ll work, or whether we can help with what you’ve got, or maybe you had a bad experience somewhere in the past? If that sounds like you and you’d like to come in and see for yourself how Form Physio and Rehab can help you, please fill out the short form below and tell us more about you so we can answer your questions:

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If you are not quite ready to go ahead and book an appointment with a Physio right now, perhaps you have some questions and think it would be good to talk to someone at Form Physio and Rehab first so you can be 100% sure that we can help you, please click the button below and fill out the short form to schedule a call and one of our Physios wil answer all the questions you have over the phone, completely for free:

*Note: there is no treatment given during the discovery session at our physiotherapy clinic. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

About Form Physio And Rehab

Whether you’ve come looking for Specialist Physical Therapy advice because your past failed treatment has let you down, you don’t take favorably to the “rest and painkillers” route that is nearly always advised by the doctor, or you’re VERY health-conscious and already know that Specialist Physical Therapy advice is your BEST option, you’re about to ENJOY the same transformation in your health as thousands of others who have seen proven results in their ability to keep ACTIVE and watch as their pain levels drop, faster than they ever thought possible.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Our Physiotherapy Clinic In Bangkok

Luís C.

Back Pain

It’s hard to explain how AMAZING this clinic is! After 2 months of treatment to my lower back and shoulders/neck I felt completely recovered from a couple of injuries that were haunting me for more than 1 year. The staff is incredibly friendly and competent, my physio k. Mobile is amazing on making sure that I follow all the instructions and perform all the exercises in the most perfect. Without any doubt I highly recommend this place to anyone seeking to recover from any physical problem.

Nicole S.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Rikhi and his Physical Therapists…are absolutely world class…I came in to receive physical therapy services after being told by a hospital that I would -urgently- need surgery due to a bulging disc surrounding my C6 and 7…After seeing [Form Physio and Rehab] for a few sessions, they reassured me that surgery was -not- necessary at all! (and they were absolutely right!..Only after just a few sessions, my pain in the front part of my chest, my left shoulder blade area, and my constant and shooting arm pain went from a 10 to a 1…I also want to mention that I am from Hawaii, I have lived in LA and New York and found that Rikhi’s practice is the epitome of what every business should be. The way in which he operates his business, specifically, the level and quality of care far surpasses any that I have been to, regardless of industry…They are a true rarity in today’s world, in terms of all the areas mentioned, and I am so thankful…Keep up the amazing job!!

Massimo I.

Knee Pain

I AM SO GRATEFUL ! I’ve been dragging an injury in my knee cap due to too much running for over 2 years. Within 4 sessions at Form Physio and Rehab the pain is completely gone, and I’m even able to slowly start to run again. The atmosphere is fantastic. My physiotherapist is awesome. Very knowledgeable and always willing to answer my questions (which at many). If you need to fix your body and learn how to train properly, this is the place for you.

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